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Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day…Everyday



Every day is mother’s day! 

As we all know, mothers work hard every day (and night) of the year! Mother’s Day is a special holiday where we recognize mothers and all they do for us, but putting so much pressure on a single day to make moms feel truly appreciated can make celebrating feel almost impossible. Here at LushUs Kids we believe in celebrating moms, not just on Mother’s Day, but throughout the year. There are so many small things moms can do with their kids to enjoy themselves and strengthen the bond of their family. We’ve come up with a list of Mother’s Day activities that are perfect for moms looking for activities you can enjoy with your kids all year long:

Homemade Crafts

Kids make the best, most heartfelt gifts with their own hands! Crafting is the perfect way to
spend time with your children and create something that makes both you and your child feel
special. You can find all kinds of mother’s day crafts on Pinterest that are engaging, creative,
inexpensive, and perfect to display at home or at work! Looking at your child’s art and being
reminded of the time you made it together can be the small token of appreciation you need to
make it through the day. Here are a few key words and phrases you can use to find the perfect
craft: mother’s day crafts for kids, simple crafts for kids, easy mother’s day gifts, mother
daughter/son crafts



Cooking can feel like a chore alone, but cooking with your family can create memories that last
a lifetime! You can use simple recipes that you know your kids can help you with, or find
something new for you to try out together. We recommend starting with breakfast items. Once
your kids get comfortable in the kitchen, they will be able to serve you breakfast in bed on
Mother’s Day or any other day they want to show you how much they appreciate you! Here are
a few simple recipes to get you started:



Self-care or Spa Day


You should always be practicing self-care and taking care of your mental health as much as your physical health. Having a self-care day with your kids can be an amazing Mother’s Day experience that brings you closer together, teaches your kids healthy ways to take care of their mind and body, and shows them how to acknowledge and respect your mental health by giving mom a day to relax! You can practice self-care in many ways. Whether it’s an at home spa day, speaking words of encouragement or affirmations, or just relaxing while watching a show or movie, you can have self-care days all year long.



Haircare is another activity you can create special memories with on Mother’s Day. Here at LushUs Kids, we understand that when you and your child’s hair look good, you feel good! Play some of your family’s favorite songs and connect with your children by having some fun on washday. After you are done singing along and taking care of your crowns, post a selfie and tag us @lushuskids. Our Wash Day Trio and LushUs Starter Kit will take care of all of your washday and hair care needs, so check out the collection on our website to get started!


Outdoor Activities and Games


You don’t always have to go outside to do fun activities to celebrate Mother’s Day but going out and getting active can create an experience that you will always treasure. Getting some fresh air is also a great way to improve you and your child’s mental health. We’ve picked out a list of a variety of outdoor activities that moms can do with their children to celebrate:


  • Paper Airplanes!

Decorate them and see how far you can get them to fly

  • Picnic at a park!

You can do indoor activities like card or board games outside

  • Read or write!

Read some stories for your little one and have them write something themselves

  • Science adventure!

Explore the natural environment of your neighborhood or backyard and have conversations about what they find interesting

  • Dance party!

Turn on you favorite tunes and sing and dance in the sun


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