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The LushUs Scalp Care Bundle

The LushUs Scalp Care Bundle

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The LushUs Scalp Care Bundle featuring a powerful scalp care lineup with our products aimed specifically at reviving the health of your scalp. They will leave your scalp feeling incredible, soothe itchiness or irritation, and allow the perfect conditions for your hair to grow healthy & strong. After all, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Get ready to enjoy shiny, healthy hair with this must-have bundle for all hair types! 


For: Scalp Care, Reviving Scalp & Hair Health, Soothing Irritation & Itching, Removing Buildup, Cleansing, Detoxifying & Clarifying, Balancing Scalp, Infusing with Nutrients, All Hair Types


Bundle includes 3 full-sized products plus a FREE Scalp Massage Brush: 

·        Coconut Water & Guava Scalp Detox (4fl oz) 

·        Jackfruit & Hibiscus Hydrating Shampoo (8fl oz) 

·        Jamaican Black Mint & Rosemary Scalp and Hair Elixir (2fl oz) 

·        Purple Scalp Massage Brush (FREE Gift with Purchase)