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Colección: Avery X LushUs Hair Kit

Avery's Helpful Hair Kits is a nonprofit organization founded by the remarkable 8-year-old Avery Jenkins of Evanston, IL. Since its inception in 2023, Avery's Helpful Hair Kits has been on a mission to provide essential haircare kits to children in foster care, distributing over 100 kits across multiple cities and countries.

Beyond its philanthropic impact, this partnership holds profound significance for both parties. LushUs CEO Cherlyn Carby and Avery's mother, Petina Dixon-Jenkins, share a common heritage as children of Jamaican immigrants. LushUs Hair's Caribbean-inspired products, infused with essential ingredients from the region, resonate deeply with their shared cultural background. This collaboration not only pays homage to their ancestral homeland but also represents a powerful union of purpose and passion.

The story comes full circle as Carby recalls a poignant moment in November 2023 when she stumbled upon an Instagram reel featuring Avery and her family delivering hair care kits to a children's home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Inspired by this shared commitment to making a difference, Carby knew she wanted to forge a connection with Avery's organization. Looking ahead, both LushUs Hair and Avery's Helpful Hair Kits are excited to collaborate on a follow-up trip to Jamaica at the end of 2024, further solidifying their bond and continuing their mission of compassion and empowerment.
Through this groundbreaking partnership with LushUs Hair, for every Avery X LushUs Hair Kit Purchased, LushUs will generously donate a kit to Avery's Helpful Hair Kits, Ensuring even more children in foster care receive the care and support they deserve. 
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