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Poppin' Page On-the-Go Kit


Embark on a journey with the LushUs Kids X Poppin' Paige On-the-Go Collection, a collaboration born out of necessity and passion. Paige, a seasoned actor and model since the age of two, faced the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry with natural, textured hair. Frustration ignited her mission to create a solution, leading to a powerful partnership with LushUs Kids, a brand committed to plant-derived, gentle, nourishing, and non-toxic hair care for children.

The collection is a testament to Paige's personal experiences and the shared struggles of many in the industry. Paige's first encounter on set left her grappling with a stylist unfamiliar with her unique hair texture. Despite proactive measures, the stylist's lack of expertise resulted in hours of struggle to manage Paige's curls, as unsuitable products were used on her hair.

Driven by this pivotal moment, Paige's collaboration with LushUs Kids aims to provide a solution for children with similar active lifestyles. The On-the-Go Collection is a carefully curated assortment featuring Paige's favorite LushUs Kids products alongside her innovative addition to the line. This collection isn't just about hair care; it's a lifestyle choice for busy, on-the-go children.

Paige's personal journey has led to the creation of a collection that addresses the needs of diverse hair types in the entertainment industry and beyond. Now, children and parents can confidently embrace their active lifestyles, armed with the LushUs Kids X Poppin' Paige On-the-Go Collection – a harmonious blend of nourishment, style, and convenience. Say goodbye to frustrating experiences and hello to a new era of hair care tailored to the unique needs of every child.